Aromas Of Coorg

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Variety And Choice

A choice, a decision, isn’t that what life is all about; A series of choices and decisions that we make every day and every minute? Some of these choices are easy and some of them hard. Everything we do revolves around a choice, writing this piece was a choice and for you, reading it is a choice. Writing about things that matter out of a million things in the world, for the writer, is a choice, one that isn’t easy I must say.

What to eat for dinner this night? What to wear to work tomorrow? What to gift someone? What to eat for dessert? Should I eat dessert? (I know you’re thinking, “Ofcourse I should eat dessert, everyone should eat dessert, always.”) Most importantly, which coffee should I buy? Although the answers to some of these questions are easy, some of them are quite hard.

These choices are hard because we want to always have the best of the lot. We don’t want to settle for something else do we? We don’t ever want to have the second best of anything. We don’t want to be okay with consuming something that isn’t the best. And sometimes, this “best” can be more than 1 in number.

This is a problem we all face, a problem that seems smaller than most other problems we face in life, but this problem… it can eat you alive; the question of choice, the need to make a decision, the urge to pick up everything in your sight, unable to make a decision. Now this is a problem I face every time I buy my coffee. ‘Aromas of Coorg’ offers you a variety like you’ve never seen before, blends so unique and authentic, that it will make you want to buy them all.

They provide three categories of coffee namely, ‘Filter Coffee’, ‘Pure Coffee’ and ‘ Indian Specialty Coffee’, with about 3 to 5 blends in each category. These blends range from popularly known Indian blends to a variety of special unique blends and even something called the ‘House Blend’, which is authentic to them. They really did go all the way in providing their consumers with choice and the freedom of this choice, presenting the customer with so many blends that they would actually be curious to try everything and then choose from the bunch.

The question of choice is what I find the hardest to solve while picking my coffee at Aromas of Coorg. They have so many blends, all beautiful, all fulfilling and satisfying beyond compare. A number of blends of different categories of coffee all in one place, this is the beauty of Aromas of Coorg. The beauty lies in the fact that, after doing so much in a market so strong, after producing so much in a market so popular, after exploring their way with multiple choices and so many blends, they still do an incredible job at providing the customer with what they promise. They provide the customer with “the perfect filter coffee experience” exactly as they say they would. They manage to provide the customer with an experience so beautiful and satisfying, that one would always want more.


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