Aromas Of Coorg

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Product Packaging

What you see is what you believe; whether it is out there in nature, or in your house, whether it is in a store or on an e-commerce website. What you see is what you know about a particular thing or product.

It is in the basic consumer behavior that we like to buy something if we like the way it looks. The packaging of your take-out meal, your cosmetics, your chocolates, and your coffee; all of that is what immediately attracts you to the product and makes you want to instantly buy it.

Good packaging includes a level of attractiveness, good level of required information about the product and maybe some information about the company that makes it. Not to forget, the packaging must also keep the product secure and in good shape, if it is a food or beverage item the packaging must keep the product fresh as well. ‘Aromas of Coorg’ is one company that aced product packaging. Their packaging is not only attractive but also is filled with necessary and interesting information about their product.

Each of their packs contains information regarding the region of growth, altitude, variety, the blend, roast profile and not just that, they also provide the different brew recommendations that work best according to the blend, and also when it tastes best; when mixed with milk or without.

Aromas of Coorg are at the top of the product packaging game with the way they pack their coffee, they also have different colour codes for different categories of coffee, which makes it all the more attractive and even more easier to differentiate between the categories. They also provide a good amount of information about the company on their package through which you can go to their website, call them or even write to their customer care.

As a company that sells a product, the product appeal must be a class apart and the appeal sent out by Aromas of Coorg is definitely, undoubtedly a class apart. They have one of the best packaging in the industry and their product also remains fresh.

Clearly AOC knows how to keep its coffee fresh and its customers happy.