Quality of Coffee = Quality of Life

Quality of Coffee = Quality of life


As a species on this beautiful earth, we often forget to give ourselves the core of what nature truly holds. We convince ourselves and settle for less more than we think we do. Whether it’s the food we eat or the coffee we drink, sometimes the quality goes unnoticed. We often pay more attention to quantity than we do to quality, and that is where we falter.

That is not only unjust to what we consume, but also is a grave, wrongful action towards our body and overall health. I used to do the same thing until I realized that if we are here, we are meant to live our lives the way life was truly meant to be lived. It hit me right between my eyes; why must one give their bodies and feed their souls with something that simply isn’t of good quality? Why must we “settle” for something?

That immediately put me on a quest to find, what is one of the most important things to me and has one of the most important roles in my life; My Coffee. My coffee, easily, takes up 50% of my day, some say it’s a problem, I call it love. Right from when I get out of bed in the morning to ‘after my breakfast’ and my ’post lunch cuppa’ to my ‘4 o’ clock in the evening coffee’ and ofcourse all the time in between that I spend thinking about my ‘next cup of coffee’, it manages to take up a large chunk of my day. I started to think, if I am consuming this wonderful liquid from heaven ‘that many’ times a day, am I drinking the right coffee? Am I really drinking coffee of quality worth my love for it?

That’s when I stumbled upon Aromas of Coorg…I thought to myself,” If I’ve tried THAT many different coffees already, what’s one more?”  And believe me, at this point I had been through a gazillion coffees and had found no luck, but a coffee enthusiast would never give up, right? So I went ahead and got myself a packet of Aromas of Coorg coffee. I read all about them before I tried it and I found out that all their coffees are 100% natural with no artificial flavor and no artificial coloring, which honestly got me leaning towards their coffee a little more. And then, I drank my first ever cup of Aromas of Coorg coffee, and I was blown away, I could not put my mug down. I had found the answers to all my questions, my journey had been worth it and my quest was satisfying. I had found the quality of coffee that deserves to be savored. After that, I never stopped, Aromas of Coorg had made its way into my heart and my life and it hasn’t left since.


If you’re someone who enjoys a good cup of coffee, even if it’s just one, this is the choice you must make, because the quality of what you put inside of you is what the quality of your life will be; and that’s true for everything.


  • Rakshita Sridharan


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