Coffee: Aftertaste that Lingers on and Around your Tongue

We do this thing, where we talk about things in front of us in terms of characters and labels. Let’s talk about coffee for instance, we say, ‘it’s bold, it’s bitter, it’s light, it’s strong’ and so on. Notice how we do the same thing to people?

We meet people and we start characterizing them and giving them labels and probabilities of being a certain way.

coffee with men and women

Anything, for that matter, surprisingly, can be characterized, whether it’s a coffee table in front of you or a living, breathing being. Moreover, we tend to do it. Without our knowledge, we’re instantly giving characteristics to anything we think of or feel or have a sense of.

We drink a cup of coffee and we have an aftertaste that lingers on and around your tongue. People, funnily enough are just like that. Almost everyone you meet leaves something of theirs… a sense, a feel, an emotion aroused in you by them. Things you remember and probably forget about after an hour or maybe even minutes. But have you ever met someone who just blew your mind. Someone you just can’t get your mind to get rid of. Someone you can’t forget. Like that cup of coffee that changed your life, like that cup of coffee that made you understand what coffee should be. That cup of coffee whose incredible taste you can’t seem to forget. That boldness and full body of a cup that you relished so much, that joy you felt after every sip, that joy is everlasting. Years may have passed but you will still remember every little drop of that cup of coffee.

That’s what I came to realize after I had my cup of Aromas of Coorg, a cup of coffee I know I will never forget. a cup of south Indian Filter coffee that changed my life and even though it may sound exaggerated; it made me want to be a better person. I think it was the satisfaction that it gave me … that cup of Aromas of Coorg. Until then, I had no clue that a cup of coffee had that much power. I felt no void and suddenly was so satisfied with things around me.

You see, some people are exactly like that,

or at least have the capacity to be like that.

People have the ability to leave an ‘aftertaste’ that may either be beautiful or horrendous, and some may leave you in between, there’s no doubt about it.

The point I guess I’m trying to make is that… we can all be like that cup of coffee that lasts on you and lingers like it was the best thing that ever happened to you…that cup of coffee that showed you it’s characteristics in all its glory, that you couldn’t help but remember it and keep it close to your heart.  We can all be that person, we can all truly be like a cup of Aromas of Coorg; that one can remember in their happy memories, forever.

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