Aromas Of Coorg

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The Golden Stop for a Cup of Filter Coffee

A cup of coffee decides the rest of the day, a cup of coffee decides the palate you enjoy after, a cup of coffee decides those moments in which you have that cup in your hand. Now, shouldn’t that cup of coffee be truly worth your while then?

This is the one logic I had in my mind; if my cup of coffee does affect those moments so greatly, then that cup of coffee should have my attention, care and affection. That’s where this journey begins. There are a million coffee breweries, outlets, cafes, companies etc being born every day; which automatically gives us, as consumers a freedom like never before, a freedom of choice. The choice of choosing the filter coffee that makes such a big difference. The coffee we allow to affect us.

I wandered along and stumble upon various filter coffee companies, coffee houses, retail-only coffees and many other coffee providers that I thought were good and interesting, considering what a rage the coffee culture has become; a lot of research, a lot of trials and errors, a lot of drinking through quite a few bad coffee and some good ones too. Until I reached this one stop on my exquisite coffee journey; this stop as I call it, is the ‘golden stop’, it was a stop at ‘Aromas of Coorg’. A stop I never regretted, a stop I will never forget and most importantly, a stop that will make over and over again.

In all the jazzy coffee cultures around, Aromas of Coorg sticks to simplicity and authenticity. They sell Exclusive Indian Coffees and are excellent at quality. The benefit of choosing Aromas of Coorg is that, there is no struggle of actually, physically going and buying your filter coffee. It is all done online and in the technological world we live in today, this just ups the game. You order your filter coffee from fresh roasted coffee beans online and it reaches you within a few days. They also have an incredible monthly subscription plan, where you can feed in the details of when, where, how much and which coffee you want and it’ll reach you on that particular day, no hassle.

According to my analysis, it does not get better than this. So there may be new coffee places coming out, but if you haven’t tried Aromas of Coorg, well you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

I tried my luck at it and was blown away, have you?

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