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Coffee – Make It Your Travel Mate

Life is a journey of various tiny journeys and lessons we learn day by day, experiences that teach us lessons that books never could. Travelling is a one-of-a-kind experience that teaches us things that we will forever be grateful for. Every travel will invariably teach us one thing or another; about a different culture, about our own culture, about different kinds of people and how deep down we’re all the same and most importantly about ourselves. We learn lessons about our own needs more than anything else on travels.

One such lesson; is to never forget to carry your coffee and your coffee equip with you when you go on travels. Oh the struggle of finding the right kind of coffee; “your kind” of coffee in the land of the unknown. Unless your stars are aligned Oh-So-Perfectly, it is a struggle uncalled for. It is a battle to get through the day which does not begin with the coffee of your life. Everyone has “their kind of coffee”; a taste, a strength and flavor they like, the things they put in them or don’t, we at Aromas of Coorg understand that like no one else; which is exactly why all of our coffee is customized to all of your coffee-needs. Having to adjust with a coffee that is absolutely not right for you and then get by the entire day is gruesome.

It is truly a lesson worthwhile, to learn and understand the need for carrying a small portable coffee maker or even just a kettle and some coffee powder that gets your juices flowing, with you on every trip. It definitely is important to try out different things and foods and drinks in different places, but dropping that extra pair of clothing and shoes to make some room for your everyday coffee needs, as a coffee enthusiast, truly will be the smartest decision you will ever make.

Coffee is a comfort, a feeling, an energy booster and a mood lifter. Imagine having that with you when you know you’re going to be away from home for that long, away from your bed and the comfort of your house. To wake up to your favorite cup of coffee after spending half the night laying in bed all uncomfortable  and trying super hard to adjust to that setting you’re not used to; it’s like finding a long lost friend that you would take a bullet for. It is like a warm, soft hug for a grumpy morning. Even if you were travelling alone, you honestly wouldn’t be alone. You would have your everyday best friend with you. You would have a part of your soul with you… honestly; would you even feel alone?

Take your coffee comfort with you wherever you go, so that you always know that you would have a warm friend in a cup when you need one. All you need is a teeny tiny coffee maker or a kettle and the coffee that brings your soul towards divinity; make it your travel mate and you will always have the trip of your life.