Coffee A Fertilizer Too

Have you ever wondered; what else you can do with those coffee grounds?

You have lumps of coffee grounds in your house, every single day and after a point you start to think if there’s any way you can use these coffee grounds instead of just throwing them out.

Well, I got good news for you. I have recently learned that coffee grounds make excellent soil fertilizers.

It is said that composting your coffee grounds rather than throwing them out helps in fertilizing the soil for your beautiful plants. The coffee grounds are said to add to nitrogen into the soil and make the soil more aerated as well. This is an excellent way to help your plants thrive better.

filter coffee

What better way to grow your little home garden than use your homemade fertilizer right? The idea that you don’t have to spend that extra penny to help your plants grow better is something I really appreciate and have adopted in my own life. The left over coffee and tea grounds are all collected and used as fertilizers to enhance the growth of my little home garden. The flowers, basil leaves, zucchini and all the other plants are happy to get some coffee in them like I am every morning.

It’s amazing how something born from the soil can go back into it and help another life grow better. The beauty of it going through a full circle of life is what I find enthralling. It is really true that we can find everything we need right around us, in nature.

I have started using left over coffee grounds as a fertilizer in my house and I truly see the difference it can make. I use Aromas of Coorg coffee grounds and I do see the extra love and passion that this coffee is crafted with even in my plants. It has made a huge development in their rate of growth and they definitely feel and look happier. They soak up the water and nutrients quite nicely and seem to want to flourish quicker.

Well I guess all life is pretty much the same. All it needs is a little love, care and coffee.

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