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“Coffee” A Quality Motivator in workplace

It takes more than just skill to craft a perfect pot from the lumps of clay… It takes more than just qualification to become the perfect corporate leader. It takes passion, it takes the ability to walk into the office every single day and do your job with rigor every day without losing your mind. Enter the realm of the human-hungry corporate world and you’ll know how hard it is. And the absence of a good cup of coffee makes it harder than it already is.

To work eight or nine hours in a day takes strength, actual human courage. And like anything else, we need motivation for it. On most days that small little coffee break becomes a revolutionary motivation; a small break for you to break -through the rest of the day and do your job much better than otherwise. The biggest problem that lies here is the quality of that motivator, the taste and flavor of  that one cup of coffee that you drink that is supposed to get you all pumped up and juiced up for the rest of your day.

When the coffee tastes like not much else but some milk and sugar; that’s where the problem arises, the standard machine ratios often end up making, what should be an ‘electrifying cup of coffee’, into a not so coffee like beverage. Imagine instead of that, having a wonderful hot cup of filter coffee in your office when you’re rummaging through your work day. Imagine that fresh aroma spreading through the cafeteria, and as you step in for your coffee break, you know, for a given that the coffee is going to be a good one. The coffee is actually going to make your taste buds smile. Imagine that! That’s a possibility that Aromas of Coorg has made into a reality.

Aromas of Coorg is, today, the leading filter coffee service provider in many corporate organizations, simply because, we’ve been there and we understand. We understand the need for that one good cup of hot filter coffee during the rough days. And we also understand what it’s like to not have it. This was originally the reason for the birth of this beautiful techblog venture. And that is why, Aromas of Coorg urges to bring to every corporate organization the filter coffee of your dreams, so that your motivation may be tweaked and your productivity as well.

‘Aromas of Coorg’ is the name on every happy corporate employee’s tongue and that makes us the happiest. The place you work, the place you spend atleast 40% of your day at, should be a happy place and what better than quality coffee to do that, right?