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How Fresh Roasted Coffee Increases Productivity in the Work Place

Coffee has the ability to keep you focused and sharp. In fact, many people dread beginning their day without their morning cup of coffee. I am definitely one of those people. At work, coffee has proven to be a boon from nature. Not only does it keep my mind fresh and alert on the busy days after those weary sleepless nights, but it also works its magic on those dull days and keeps you going. A good cup of coffee shared with someone is also a great way to break the ice and strike a conversation, especially at workplace with people occupied and so engulfed in their work and assignments.

At work, the office boy would graciously and patiently makes us coffee every day, whenever we felt like a cuppa.  He was the glue that held our team together by bringing us the coffee that relieved us from all the stress. Work always begins at 9 o’clock, and the wafting smell of coffee decoction made its way to us by 10:30. There is a scramble to finish up the morning tasks to be able to relax with the coffee. Some of us use the coffee break to get onto some more work calls, and after the first sip of hot coffee, even the worst of the lot seem tolerable.

After lunch, when the food coma has truly set in, the office boy used to be coaxed into making coffee earlier than usual, but he would use the time in between to catch a small nap! Around 4:30 steaming cups of coffee wash away the cobwebs in our minds.

A coffee break on the terrace with friendly banter and easy conversations with the boss and colleagues brings the team together, allowing us to be more helpful to one another and more productive on the whole.

As a team, there have been many occasions where we have bonded over a cup of coffee. Whether it is at a humble roadside stall under an umbrella, or a visit to a fancy coffee shop before we leave for home; coffee has always eased out many conversations and interactions.

Coffee has been our salvation after arriving to work, exhausted from an official trip. I remember a time when all the coffee lovers mock-bullied the intern who preferred tea – me! Needless to say, coffee is now my main staple, and I make sure I offer a cup to anyone who walks in through the office doors.

With time, my tastefulness for coffee has improved and I stick to only the best coffee in the Country, Aromas of Coorg has, by experience, been the best and freshest coffee in India. I know for sure now, that the best time to have a meeting with my team is when they have just had their cup of fresh south Indian filter coffee. There are hundreds of studies that prove the effect of coffee on the efficiency of the workers. Did you know that even a short 15 minute break during the workday for coffee shows a marked improvement in performance? Companies that foster shared coffee drinking culture also have stronger teams that work well together.

Though I haven’t been able to get our old office boy out of retirement to make Indian filter coffee for us, the coffee itself somehow manages to make it feel like he is still around.

-Rakshita Sridharan

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