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Coffee and Cancer

For a lifetime now, people have been saying that coffee is possibly a “carcinogenic” beverage. What is a carcinogenic element, you ask? A carcinogenic element is nothing but a cancer causing element.

You’re scared, aren’t you? The one beverage that you love more than life itself, the one beverage you can’t do without, is carcinogenic?

Don’t you worry about it! That’s exactly why you should read ahead. I am about to brighten your day.

Studies over time have shown that there is various cancer preventing agents in coffee, instead of carcinogenic agents.

Infact, the WHO concludes, that coffee may protect against cancer. There have been studies that say that coffee produced “Strong Antioxidant Effects” and some laboratory studies even showed that coffee promoted death of cancer cells.(Source: The New York Times.)

Studies and researches have shown that the rich presence of Anti-Oxidants in the coffee help to fight against cancer. It has been proven that coffee consumption has helped in preventing and in the reduction of risks of a lot of different kinds of cancers like; oral cancers, liver cancer, prostate cancer, uterine cancer and the like. (Source:

Not only does it help in beating one of the most disastrous diseases such as cancer, but also helps in cutting the chances of some neurological diseases and heart diseases as well.

At Aromas of Coorg, we believe that wellness and good health is one of the biggest boons that one can have in life. That is why we work towards our coffee, keeping wellness in mind. Starting right from our plantations, to blending the coffee and roasting it, our crops are all grown in plantations and estates that yield pure and healthy berries and the roasting is done to your order which keeps the coffee super fresh.

Now that you know that coffee helps you beat Cancer too, go enjoy a cup of Aromas of Coorg and get healthier with us.

What not can this wonder beverage do? I wonder.

– Rakshita Sridharan