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Coffee and Wellness – Health benefits of Coffee

Indian filter coffee is the perfect love story we’re all looking for, pour the milk and the coffee together, a little bit of warmth and you have something extraordinary. A match truly made in heaven.

And if you look at it, coffee is a lot like love, it could hurt you but the chances of you feeling alive and happy over the former, are a 100 to 1.

Coffee gives me warmth, waking, an unusual force and a pain that is not without very great pleasure” – Napoleon Bonaparte

In the world we live in today, where pacing is one of the most important components to survival, a good cup of coffee feels like a special power.

Coffee is known to be one of the most valuable traded commodities in the world and once you’ve had a cup, you’ll know why.

This roasted and ground miracle worker is often known for its enhancement of cognitive abilities such as memory. Lesser known facts are of the psychological and emotional enhancements.

Wellness is a concept that includes various components, physiological, psychological and biological. Wellness or wellbeing is one of the most difficult and important purposes of life.
Bring these two together and I believe you have what is called an enchanting concept. A concept all coffee lovers have waited all their lives to hear about.

Research says “the world consumes approximately 2.25 billion cups of coffee everyday” . Now, it’s understandable that everyone wants to stand out and not fall for the age old “rat race” in doing the same things as the whole world, but when it is coffee we’re talking about, the race is acceptable to run.

The marvels of coffee:

A day that does not begin with coffee is like a morning without sunshine.

Multiple studies have proved that coffee has an incredible effect on one’s emotional and psychological sanity. The caffeine in the coffee has multiple positive effects on our bodies and our minds. Caffeine has the property of elevating the secretion of happy hormones and in turn stimulates the central nervous system. In this way it acts as an anti-depressant.
Don’t you already feel like a cup of coffee could be a human being’s best friend?

Anti-oxidants, the ninjas that inhibit oxidation:

Coffee is a rich source of anti-oxidants. Polyphenols, naturally present in the coffee have rich antioxidant qualities. This is what makes it a possible cancer fighting agent as well.

Milk in the Indian filter coffee:

A glass of milk, may sound like one of the most mundane things in the world,

But guess what could make even that better? …

You got that right; the most delicious love potion to exist.

Milk as we all know, is a rich protein and calcium provider. The adding of milk in the coffee makes it a flawless marriage between the two as it brings a balance between the effects of coffee and of milk, on the human body.

The Indian filter coffee provides the consumer with dual benefits; one of coffee by being a mood lifter, anti-depressant and an energizer and other of milk by providing the protein and calcium, which is a necessity for good health.

Milk also reduces the chances of acidity, which is usually caused due to the consumption of high quantities and of very strong coffees.

It is important to remember that the quantity of coffee consumption has a role to play in deciding whether coffee enhances wellness or deteriorates it. Consumption of extremely high quantities always has adverse effects on the body.

Overall, the importance of wellness and wellbeing in one’s life is never to be ignored. As for this anonymous quote that says, “Coffee helps me maintain my never killed anyone streak”, it definitely has a role to play in an all-round wellness enhancement.

Psychological, physiological and biological wellness are the most crucial and vital parts of a good life and are absolutely necessary, for living a life worth living.