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Coffee – A Part of South Indian Culture


A South Indian home that does not make atleast one pot of coffee a day is a South Indian home not south Indian enough.


The brewing began and the Sun knew it was time to rise.

Waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is a trademark of almost every south Indian home.

This liquid gold is not only a part of its consumer’s daily routine but has probably been an important part of their life for as far as they could jog their memory back.

Coffee, from time immemorial, like the ‘God of Mischief (Loki; of Asgard)’ has been burdened with glorious purpose. The Purpose of bringing into a person’s life:  vigour, zeal, flavor, joy and a lot of other emotions that we could endlessly list. This marvel of a beverage has been a part of people’s homes and lives for so long that it carries cultural significance. South India in particular, considers their traditional filter coffee to be a cultural trophy. The first thing a guest is offered is a hot cup of piquant coffee which is absolutely irrefutable.

It is so special, this beverage, that humans tend to associate with it, people or memories which are important to them. Memories that definitely stir up their emotions or at the least make them break into a smile.

Whether it is going back home after years of staying away and recognizing that invigorating aroma of coffee you remember from your childhood that your mother would ardently brew every morning, or just the whiff of this roasted beauty from a café while walking to work in the morning, it only makes you want to sit down and luxuriate in a delicious cup o’ Joe.

It gives a sense of psychological relief. One sip of a perfect cup and you’re automatically one with the world.

How to make this Perfect cup of coffee, you ask?

The first step towards achieving greatness in this area is your choice of coffee and I won’t lie to you, it is difficult to choose and attain prowess in finding the perfect blends and roasts. This is where Aromas of Coorg helps you ‘up’ your coffee game. They strive to make your lives easier and enrich them with their various blends; each blended and roasted to perfection.  Their variety of blends caters to each individual’s personal tastes and preferences. Their spread of different blends; Bengaluru’s Pride, Coorg Planter’s Choice and Kumbakonam degree to name a few,  allow you to try and unravel the mystery of which is your ‘perfect coffee’ blend.

Now, for the next step; atleast as far as the Indian way goes, the perfect cup of this exquisite stunner is achieved by slightly warming up both; the milk and the coffee and then mixing the suitable amount of the same according to taste and preferences. Heat that mixture a little bit more so it blends in.

Et Voila!

You have a flawless cup of coffee waiting for you to devour it. So, go ahead and try it. Help Aromas of Coorg help you indulge in your thoughts and memories, that make you want to smile and be that kid again that used to wake up with the same aroma, rising from the mug  in your hand, in that very moment so precious.

By Rakshita Sridharan