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Coffee – Your warrior against Exams

I recently learnt that, there are always ways out of situations, no matter how horrendous. There’s always a door or a window or in this case a coffee maker and Aromas of Coorg.

For a student, what could be more horrifying than exams, assignments and deadlines?

What could be worse than studying all night and waking up, having to go write an exam, in the sleepiest state one could ever find themselves. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it, the life I just described? Whether you are giving exams at 20 or at 45, the series of sensations that pass through your body are pretty much the same. As long as you’re giving an exam (or have ever given one), you know exactly what I’m talking about. Everyone needs a support, a comfort, a friend. Someone who will listen to you rant away your study time, and understand your problems, someone who hugs you when you need one.

If you’re looking for that someone, I’ll tell you where to find it.

Get up, walk to your kitchen, brew yourself a cup of coffee and voila!

A cup of coffee gives you all the love you need and more. Believe me when I say it, it is officially the best listener you will ever find. Have you ever seen a cup of coffee interrupt? Has it ever given you a look that says, “What are you saying?” with a probable eyebrow hook that the world has taken on from the great Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson?

No! And I speak from experience. My cup of Aromas of Coorg never makes me feel alone. It never makes me feel like I might have the worst couple of days coming right at me. Instead, it makes me feel like a warrior. It gives me the strength of a thousand Demigods. At the same time, it makes me feel loved and important.

Why is that, you ask? It is because it understands love. It understands the feeling of being wanted. Mainly, it understands Pressure, Glorious purpose that it is burdened with.  It understands because Aromas of Coorg gives it the same love that it gives us. They pick their berries with affection and roast their beans with love. They brew them with a light in their eyes. Naturally, it feels the need to give back. Loyal as it is, my cup of Aromas of Coorg, stayed with me through my appalling one week of paper after paper, every single day. My cup of Aromas of Coorg, not only made me feel better about facing the horror that the coming week was going to be, but also kept me awake through the whole process. It De-Stressed me like nothing else has. I could literally see my stresses wash away. It helped me work quicker and smoother and definitely smarter (selective study is a concept ladies and gentleman*inserts winking and laughing emoji here*). It was my Warrior against this mad Titan called exams.

It wasn’t just a cup of coffee followed by multiple cups of coffees, it was an experience. It was an Emotion.

You don’t believe me? Try your cup of Aromas of Coorg and experience love, like never before.

My pack of Pure Virgin Coffee with 100% coffee gave me 100 % satisfaction.

Pick yours up, here on our website, with just a few clicks and let us know what you think, in the comments’ section below.

– Rakshita Sridharan