Aromas Of Coorg

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Aromas of Childhood

On a lazy weekend at the onset of winters, I wake up to my alarm and instantly miss the days I could carelessly snooze my clock at least a few times. I miss my childhood. I miss living with my parents who would nag me out of bed every morning despite my million protests. With work and life, we all tend to set into the monotony of a routine that we love to hate.

The day is non-eventful and duplicates the day before. But, as I receive my mail, I realize that my father has sent me a gift! There is no occasion, Diwali is over too, and it isn’t my birthday until a few months later. The child in me is cartwheeling with joy through my straight-faced adult self. Upon carefully opening the shipment, I find a beautiful gift package by Aromas of Coorg. Although I always loved the coffee made by my mom, I almost never took the trouble of making it for myself. In trend with most of the working population today, I too sway between the roadside sugary beverage in the name of coffee or, the Starbucks’ elite yet mindlessly brewed coffee.

I decided I was going to make myself a scrumptious breakfast in honour of the gifted coffee. While I entered the kitchen that was rarely visited given my busy work schedule, I cut open the Coffee packet.

The aroma of the coffee instantly took me back to the days my mother would tirelessly work in her nightgown to make us a hearty breakfast. She would proudly present it to me and my father along with frothing, piping hot filter coffee and a big smile. Laughter, daily plans, sharing of good news and some not so good too, it all happened over this coffee. This custom that lasted daily over two decades, made that coffee much more than just a beverage, it became a way of bonding.

Sipping on these supreme quality roasted coffee beans from Aromas of Coffee put a smile on my face, just like the old days when my father would tell his anecdotes and mother and I would snigger away. With a deep sense of reminiscence, I gobbled away the breakfast I prepared with excitement. I realized that what I had received as a gift was not just Aromas of Coorg in a bottle but, nostalgia in a jar.