You are passionate about your coffee, and we are passionate about crafting your cup. Whether you are drinking in your offfice or home, "AROMAS OF COORG" is always there for you. We are obsessed with coffee and we own it from Crop to Cup.

We produce Robusta and Arabica beans, grown at 900 – 1100 meters above sea level, handpicked and sorted. We’re kind of outdoorsy in our approach, because to produce the right beans, you have to tromp through some pretty rugged interior locations of Coffee growing regions. We also source from the best of coffee Estates across India. Our sourcing and selection team maintains stringent standards when selecting green coffee for our menu. All beans, from the components of our house selection to our rotating cast of signature coffees, go through our intense quality processes to meet our high standards. Our quality protocols require cupping (tasting) hundreds of samples of coffee per year, maintaining a seasonal rotation of beans. We leave no stone unturned to ensure you get the best coffee at home or at work. Our endeavour is to become the best personalised coffee brand.

What we do isn’t just cultivation and manufacturing, it’s an Art….Every step of the way, from coffee cherry to your cup, is managed to fit our exacting standards.

It’s possible that in a massive roasting, that a coffee bean with too much time in the roaster can lose its sensitive undertones, or be so overwhelming that the refined nature of the bean is lost forever. Not so though with Aromas of Coorg. Here we ensure that all coffee bean types, be it Arabica coffee or Robusta coffee, is given the utmost care and attention.

We craft roast only limited quantities of coffee beans. Our Coffee is roasted using sensors that will track temperature shifts as fine as 1 degree. That slight variance can make all the difference between a coffee that is soothing and owns a pleasurable complex flavour and one that is overwhelming and indiscernible. Yet the art of the roasting process is preserved, as every batch is monitored by hand, eye, ear and nose, using the senses along with the technology to deliver the perfect coffee bean and the best Indian coffee, just for you.

Every cup of “Aromas of Coorg” coffee reflects our tradition, taste, expertise & quality. Best Coffees of India is what we aim to bring to you. Every sip will take you to the corners of the estate where each flavours was cultivated.

What distinguishes us from the rest? We don’t just craft your coffee, we deliver you the best coffee experiences. Start your day with our freshly roasted coffee, experience it and feel the difference.

The world’s freshest coffee

Coffees taste best when they’re fresh. Much like vegetable and fruit, coffees do go stale over time. They lose flavor and aroma and become flat. Fresh coffees are delicious, full of flavor, and offer a sublime experience. We believe that everything that can keep coffees fresh must be done. And that our customers should enjoy coffees just the way we do.