Aromas Of Coorg

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Aromas of Coorg, a company born out of passion to create the perfect filter coffee experience in the comforts of your office. Based in Bangalore, we are Bangalore’s largest organized Coorg filter coffee solutions provider.

Aromas of Coorg has three unmistakable tenets to its culture, relentless focus on quality, penchant to create perfect coffee blends and absolute obsession about customer satisfaction.

Our rich coffee plantation background means we understand the nuances of creating the perfect blends. Our integrated solutions start from growing the best coffee beans in our own estates, roasting it under our rigorous quality checks and processes and packing and delivering it fresh to our clients once they buy filter coffee powder online.

We grow both Robusta and Arabica in our estate at about 2500 – 5000 feet. we’re kind of outdoorsy in our approach, because to produce the best coffee beans, you have to tromp through some pretty rugged interior locations of Coorg. This farming work ethic ingrained in us serves us very well.

We serve the most discerning employees of our corporate clients and our direct retail customers, day after day, cup after cup with the same passion and dedication towards their satisfaction. Our clients range from large IT companies to healthcare companies to well-known apparel brands. On the direct retail front, we have millennials to traditional folks buying coffee online from us. Our operations run 24/7 365 days, giving us the opportunity to serve our clients throughout the year.

We have served millions of cups to our customers through an eventful journey of last 5 years. We have always been passionate about connecting loyal customers with carefully handcrafted products. Our relationships with our clients have grown from strength to strength, making us a very well-known brand. Need we say more ??

Our Mission

The mission of Aromas of Coorg is to create the perfect filter coffee experience in the comforts of your office and home. We have a penchant to create perfect authentic coffee blend and we are obsessed about customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vison is to be the No.1 beverage services provider in the market by offering the best authentic Coorg filter coffee experience at affordable prices.

Our Core Values

Focus on Quality- We are passionate about quality in everything we do. Fairness- We are fair in all our dealings both inside and outside the company. Proactive Cooperation: we work together in order to achieve more. Result focus: we decide our goals and just go for it with full passion. Practice what you preach: we say what we do,we do what we say.