About Aromas of coorg

Aromas of Coorg, a company born out of passion to create the perfect filter coffee experience in the comforts of your office. Based in Bangalore, we are Bangalore's largest organized coorg filter coffee solutions provider's.

Aromas of Coorg has three unmistakable tenets to its culture, relentless focus on quality, penchant to create perfect coffee blends and absolute madness about customer satisfaction.

Our rich coffee plantation background means we understand the nuances of creating the perfect blends. Our integrated solutions start from growing beans in our own estates, roasting it under our rigorous quality checks and processes and packing and delivering it fresh to our clients.

We grow both Robusta and Arabica in our estate at about 2500 – 5000 feet. we’re kind of outdoorsy in our approach, because to produce the best coffee beans, you have to tromp through some pretty rugged interior locations of Coorg. This farming work ethic ingrained in us serves us very well.

We serve the most discerning employees of our corporate clients and our direct retail customers, day after day, cup after cup with the same passion and dedication towards their satisfaction. Our clients range from large IT companies to healthcare companies to well-known apparel brands. Our operations run 24/7 365 days, giving us the opportunity to serve our clients throughout the year.

We have served millions of cups to our customers through an eventful journey of last 5 years. We have always been passionate about connecting loyal customers with carefully handcrafted products. Our relationships with our clients have grown from strength to strength, making us a very well-known brand. Need we say more ??

Mission Vision and Values :

The mission of Aromas of Coorg is to create the perfect filter coffee experience in the comforts of your office and home. We have a penchant to create perfect authentic coffee blend and we possess absolute madness about customer satisfaction.

Our Vision :

Our vison is to be the No.1 beverage services provider in the market by offering the best authentic Coorg filter coffee experience at affordable prices.

Our Core Values :

  • Focus on Quality- We are passionate about quality in everything we do.
  • Fairness- We are fair in all our dealings both inside and outside the company.
  • Proactive Cooperation: we work together in order to achieve more.
  • Result focus: we decide our goals and just go for it with full passion.
  • Practice what you preach: we say what we do,we do what we say.

Our Founders

A.Chitra Uthappa, Founder

Managing Director

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A.Chitra Uthappa

Chitra is a successful Entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience across different industries such as Business Process Outsourcing, Banking, online business and Agricultural Services. Togetherwith her husband Radhakrishnan, she has launched her first entrepreneurial venture “Aromas of Coorg”.

In the first phase of her career, Chitra has worked with large corporate like Kotak Mahindra Bank, Aditya Birla Group, iSeva/e4e and Microsoft. All these roles have been with fast growing sunrise industries where she played significant roles in building the businesses and growing the companies to the next level. She has been part of strategic teams, building new verticals and setting companies on high growth path.

In second phase of her career, Chitra has been involved as a mentor/ consultant for many start-ups, like AeNwis ,BookurTable and few recruitment firms where she was part of management team setting company direction and building the platform for high growth. Business Acquisition and team building and management are some of the areas where she has worked extensively.

She has been involved in growing her coffee estate business for the last few years before starting Aromas of Coorg. That has been the most instrumental inspiration to start the company. With her involvement, the coffee plantation has grown both in terms of size and profitability multifold.

Chitra brings with her the passion to build a customer centric company and the relentless focus on quality.

Chitra holds an under graduate degree in Business management from JSS College,Mysore University and an MBA from Manipal University.


Founder & COO

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Radhakrishnan is a seasoned professional with nearly 15 years of experience in large corporates. Like Dell, Manpower Inc. Infosys etc. and has extensive experience in building and managing businesses including sales, building teams and organizations.

He was instrumental in setting up and building new verticals in bangalore office of Manpower Inc. and also involved as a consultant for few recruitment startup firms in setting up the management team and growing it multifold.

At Aromas of Coorg, he is chief of Operations, responsible for day to day operations and as well as leading the company’s product development and expanding services across levels through alignment of client, Supply chain and support areas.

He has been actively involved in managing the coffee plantation operations apart from running the day to day at Aromas of Coorg.

The extensive time spent in the estates has brought in many ideas to create unique blends and products at Aromas of Coorg which are the biggest differentiators for the company.

He leads a team that is charged with providing the clients with mutually beneficial operational solutions and aligning the operational procedures of Machine Servicing, Onsite manpower, Break down management, Installation, Order, Delivery, Quality Assurance, Feedback processes and Technology to deliver upon that promise.

He is the driving force behind establishing Aromas of Coorg as a unique Product company which is highly Service driven, focusing on Quality and Innovation.

Our Inspiration

We are a company of promise and commitment, we are only and only inspired by our valued consumers. Our consumers are our centre of universe. That A-HA moment which they can get when they taste our coffee, the feeling, the melting stress and the rush of energy which we can bring to their days is what inspires us.

We continuously do our own R&D to build the perfect blend, in line with our ever evolving consumer's tastes and demands. We are a company driven by hard work, dedication and commitment. Each day our cup represents a consistent blend to share our passion for our consumers and with that we live our purpose.

By being mindful and committed to these ideals, we uphold our dedication and commitment to people and their wellbeing. We promote an environment where we can push beyond boundaries and our brand that help to fuel the best in everyone, everywhere.


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