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The Monsooned Malabar AA

It is a well known idea that coffee is often the knight in shining armor when it comes to lashing rains. Well this perfect love story goes way back; on their way to Europe some kind of monsoon winds swole up the beans. It also gave it a flavor juxtaposing its natural one and also granted it a different colour. It was absolute serendipity.

It had a warm and pleasant yet intense flavor which turned the game around. A whole new window for the world of coffee had opened up. Today, this beautiful birth of a game changer is reengineered by ‘monsooning’ the finest of Arabica beans to bring into this world this extraordinary specialty coffee that is known all over the world.

The moisture present in the monsoon air fosters the swelling in the beans. These are prepared at curing works situated on the West Coast of Southern India. Stored in special warehouses, the moist monsoon winds encapsulate the coffee beans making them swell in size and acquire a mellowed yet aggressive, musty flavor. This process yellows the beans and reduces the acidity, imparting a heavy, viscous flatness which is extremely redolent of aged coffees.

To make these ‘monsooned’ beans dry and processed Arabica and Robusta beans are used. This specialty coffee is amalgamated into various blends to mellow the intensity, acidity and pungency and to also impart richness.

This Monsooned Malabar AA is known as the best of the lot when it comes to monsooned coffees.

Coffee Origin






Coorg, Chikmagalur & Budangiri



1050 - 1100 meters


Dry Processed



Arabica & Robusta


Select & Certified Estates

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