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Kumbakonam Degree

Kumbakonam, a town in Tamil Nadu is known all over India for its beautiful temples and the bright, colorful and festive atmosphere it engulfs. It is also known for one other thing, the thing we are head over heels in love with, the thing we have dedicated our life to. Kumbakonam is known for its Coffee. It is often referred to as the Kumbakonam Degree coffee and the traditionalists say that the best way to enjoy a cup of the Kumbakonam Degree coffee is by drinking it in a davara; which is a tumbler and a cup set made out of Brass.

This Kumbakonam Degree Coffee is a blend of a couple of different kinds of beans. It is a mélange of Washed Arabica and a variety of Sundried Robusta cherries. These beans are grown in a higher altitude that has a role to play in its flavor and in the kind of beans they are.

They are roasted till moderately light brown which imparts a delicate flavor to the beans. There is a dominant presence of the Peaberry variety of coffee and is blended with Chicory; whose aura comes through in its characteristics.

This coffee is a strong one with flavor packed in its richness and is the perfect morning coffee to kick you off boosted into your day.

Coffee Origin






Coorg & Chikmagalur



950 - 1100 meters


Pulped natural & Sun dried



Washed Arabica & Robusta cherry varieties


Our Estate & various other small plantations

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