Aromas Of Coorg

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Home is often more than a place, it is a feeling, and it is how we perceive that which is so bountifully present in its cosmic existence. It is what we perceive to be ours and to which we associate all that we find comfort in.

Home can be found in many things, places and in people too. Well, as for us, we found it in a little cherry that with a lot of care and affection turns itself into a wonderful liquid of love. Coffee is where we found home.

And to respect and to honour that home, is why, we at Aromas of Coorg married together some varieties of Sun dried Arabica and Robusta cherries to bring to you; our in-house mix, the carefully crafted, the perfectly balanced House Blend that feels no less like home. Even though it is flat in its character, it is mixed with a certain quantity of chicory to give it that extra kick.

Its medium dark roasting, and medium body and strength makes it an all day  coffee, so that whenever you feel like getting a taste of home, no matter what time of  day it is, all you have to do  is brew yourself a cup.

Think no more because this house blend is the cup of comfort, you’ve been looking for.

Coffee Origin






Coorg & Chikmagalur



950 - 1100 meters


Pulped natural



Sun dried


Our Estate & various other small plantations

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