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Coorg is often known as the land of coffee. It is praised and well appreciated for the kinds and the quality of coffee this bountiful region produces.

This beautiful land is not just pleasing to eyes and filled with the fragrances of mud and rain and the different crops that it encompasses, it is abundant with one of its most prized possessions, its coffee. I call it the ‘Illimitable Parent’ of coffee.

Producing coffee yield becomes one of the largest means by which a farmer in Coorg earns his or her living. Sowing it right at the beginning, tending to it, nurturing it and then harvesting it at the right time becomes the farmer’s whole life.

Their heart, blood and sweat, all of it is dedicated to producing a brilliant yield of coffee and why wouldn’t it be? It is their Primary source to a living.

Coorg also has the perfect conditions for growing this exceptional coffee, whether we are talking altitude or the weather, or the perfect compatibility of other crops to encourage shade farming which produces the unparalleled coffee that we drink. Coorg seems to have been created for its cosmic purpose of producing the finest coffee in India.

At Aromas of Coorg we have created a blend to acknowledge and prize this marvelous creation in nature and the effort and hardwork that goes into tending it and harvesting it.

Coorg’s Planter’s Choice, is one of our finest blends and provides you with a taste that truly represents India’s Finest Coffee.

This is a blend of high grown Arabica varieties blended with graded washed Robusta.

It is also mixed with a certain amount of chicory.

The roast profile is Medium brown,

It is rich in flavor and has a smooth aroma lingering over it.

 This blend is an all day coffee which means it is neither too subtle nor extremely strong. Although, it still ensures to provide you with your caffeine fix.

Coorg’s Planter’s Choice is our way of respecting India’s Finest Coffee and putting forth all the back-breaking work that has gone into nurturing that crop to produce the unrivalled berries, in the form of this final product; A product that not only takes you on a Guided Imagery walk to all the plantations and estates in Coorg, but also keeps you so present in the moment that you can sense every infinitesimal bit of the coffee lingering around all your sensory perceptions.

Coorg’s Planter’s Choice is more than a ‘must try’, it could change your whole life.

Coffee Origin






Coorg & Chikmagalur



950 - 1100 meters


Pulped natural



Washed Arabica & Washed Robusta


Our Estate & various other small plantations

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