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A tradition, by definition is a belief, a thought, a behavior or a set of actions that have been passed on by predecessors, generation after generation, to carry these traditions forward and pass them on to the generations that follow.

Coffee, our divine providence has made its way through as tradition in several parts of India. Chennai in particular has adopted this tradition, attributable to its legend. A typical day in Chennai does not go by without the words ‘oru kaapi podu’ (which loosely translates to ‘make a cup of coffee for me, will you?’) being said by someone in every house or restaurant. It simply does not count as a full thorough day if one does not have a cup of coffee, or as they say in Chennai, kaapi.

The tradition gained various attributes to itself, like the two tiered traditional filter that has a sieve like net in between; to steep and let drip the concoction and the infamous brass tumbler-davara which is claimed to be the perfect, most ideal way to enjoy a delicious cup of filter coffee.

At Aromas of Coorg, we give our everything to respect tradition. We believe in the coffee tradition and want nothing more than to carry it forward. That is why, we at Aromas of Coorg created this beauty in a package;

The Chennai Tradition

It is a blend of different varieties of the Arabica cherries, a carefully crafted mélange of 100% Arabica, Washed Arabica and sundried Arabica.

It is roasted with care until it attains a medium dark brown colour. This wondrous mélange of the various coffee cherries and chicory gives a rich after taste and shows the characteristics of mild caramelization of the beans in all its glory.

Its alluring aromas and very mild bitterness classifies it as a true South Indian Coffee.

It truly is a worthy tradition, this one, go ahead and pass it on and enjoy it yourselves too because carrying on this coffee tradition…unerringly is beautiful.

Coffee Origin






Coorg & Chikmagalur



950 - 1100 meters


Pulped natural & Sun dried



Washed Arabica & Arabica cherry varieties


Our Estate & various other small plantations

Brew Guide