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From age old streets of Bengaluru that even your great grandmother could describe to the most glamour-dazzled ones you will find, from accountants to vendors and businessmen, men and women, from teenagers to full grown human beings, the one thing in common; is the one beautiful creation that we adore, Coffee.

Bengaluru is known for various things that it beholds; its colors, the vibrant life, the flowers, the parks, the people and their natures. Among these another thing that Bengaluru prizes itself for is its coffee culture. Whether it is beginning their day with or just the clock striking 4, Bangaloreans’ taste buds crave for a good cup of coffee. All their senses naturally begin to tingle and start pinching the body to down some coffee right away. Any street you stumble into allows your senses to immediately capture the essence of coffee; the aroma so enticing that it almost feels like intoxication, but in a great way.

It is to cosset this culture that we at Aromas of Coorg present “Bengaluru’s Pride”. This blend, as the name so rightly suggests, vaunts the exuberant filter coffee culture of Bengaluru.

This is a blend of Washed Arabica with sundried Robusta cherry varieties.

It has a certain amount of Chicory blended in.

The roast profile is Medium dark brown.

It has an alluring mild smoky flavor.

This blend is an all day coffee.

The coffee has more body and a good amount of strength yet not too strong, although, it does give you enough of your caffeine fix.

This all day long coffee gives you a chance to enjoy a delicious cup at whatever time of the day you like. What more could one ask for?

A coffee so exquisite, you will always want more.

Bengaluru’s Pride is an absolute winner.

Experience it and let your soul attain its divinity.

Coffee Origin






Coorg & Chikmagalur



950 - 1100 meters


Pulped natural & Sun dried



Washed Arabica & Arabica cherry varieties


Our Estate & various other small plantations

Brew Guide